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This Privacy Policy and disclaimer describes the terms of our commitment to your privacy and our site intellectual property.
The content and gallery images of this site is the ownership of Parkside Dental Care and may not be used unless written approval is granted by company Director. It is a serious offence and will be pursued should any breach of this be found. Parkside Dental Care invests our time in protecting the privacy of the users of our website, which complies with the personal data processing legislation.

Recording and further use of personal details:
Parkside Dental Care records all personal details we receive through our website in our company database for general administration. This information is kept at the highest level of security. We may contact you, usually in an e-news format, to keep you informed of news or new products and services. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please respond with ‘Remove’ in your email heading, which appears in the footer of all of our e-newletters.

Information obtained from our CMS and cookies:
Our content management system gathers information about how and when our website is used, for example; the volume of web traffic, the date and times of visits, duration of visits and how often each page is visited, which page is visited etc. This is used to evaluate our pages and information so that we can provide our web browsers with educated information so that they may make an informed decision.

Revisions to this disclaimer/privacy policy without notice:
This Privacy Policy is dynamic and will continually change. You may not assume that it remains the same and you agree to check the policy each time you visit the site for changes. You will receive no notification of changes to this Privacy Policy and your continued use of this site shows evidences of your acceptance of the terms this Privacy Policy or any modifications.

Questions, comments or reports or incidents:
You may direct questions, comments or reports to us via the contact us page.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on: May 14th 2018