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Dr Jonathan Hartley BDSc LDs

Dr Jonathan Hartley BDSc LDs


You may have seen him  striding  along a Tamworth  street in his tailored mink fur coat, Birkenstocks and Akubra hat and wondered who is that interesting looking man?

When Melbourne dentist Jonathan Hartley retired from his successful practice in South Yarra five years ago, he expected to  spend  his  retirement  painting. Without  having  to  run  a  business,  “a  big  weight  off  my  shoulders”,  he  found  he  was  not  quite  ready  to  step  away  from  dentistry  and  offered  his  services  as  a  locum.  He  has  worked  in  Bendigo,  Cessnock,  Port Macquarie and Mt Isa where he saw his first rodeo and served beer and snags for the Vintage Racing Club.

He  came  to  Tamworth  at  the  invitation  of  Amana  Doran,  widow  of  the  late  Professor  Gregory  Alwyn  Doran  who  was  known  and  loved  by  many  Tamworthian  patients,  to  fill  in  at  Parkside  Dental  Care  in  Fitzroy  Street  overlooking  the  Bicentennial  Park  for  two  weeks.  That  was  two  years  ago.  Jonathan  fell  in  love  with  the  relaxed  lifestyle,  the  friendly  locals, the ease of getting around – “everything is five minutes away”.  

“One of the reasons I decided to stay in Tamworth was to build relationships with my patients. As a locum I would start to  treat  someone  and  then  have  to  leave,”  says  Jonathan.  A  highly  skilled  and  experienced  dentist,  Jonathan  has  been  a  member of various international Dental Associations for three decades and has lectured at universities here and overseas.


He was  instrumental  in  bringing  40  dental  hygienists  to  dental  practices  in  Victoria  in  the  seventies.  Most  importantly,  his  forte is practicing hypnosis (he was a member of the American Hypnosis  Society)  which  helps  clients  to  relax  in  the  dentist  chair  and  past  president  of  the  Victorian  Crown  and  Bridge  Society.

Jonathan’s  passion  in  general  dentistry  is  ongoing  and  his  services  include  implantology,  crown  and  bridge  work,  as  well as endodontics – root canals. He was taught by Peter K Thomas,  “the  greatest  dentist  in  America”  and  international  head  of  gnathology  –  how  the  muscles,  teeth  and  jaw  work  together and periodontics – the science of healthy gums.Another emerging field Jonathan will offer to his patients and clients is anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal filler injectables. The cosmetic results that are achievable, are nothing short of incredible.  “Dentistry  is  basically  a  craft  –  it’s  just  another  form of sculpture,” he says.

After dentistry, art is Jonathan’s passion. He enjoys painting and has been an avid art collector for well over 40 years. He has supported artists by assisting them with their teeth and as a result has been the subject of many paintings entered into the Archibald Prize – 13 times in all! Two paintings in which he appeared were runners up in 1972 and in 2005. From football players  (he  was  the  resident  dentist  to  Collingwood  Football  Club) to politicians, from struggling artists to troubled youth, Jonathan  has  treated  many  people  in  his  surgery  over  the  years. He has also supported many charities particularly those assisting young people.