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Dental Implants are a reliable and long-lasting permanent solution to tooth loss.

A dental implant is a (titanium) fixture, typically shaped like a screw, surgically inserted into the jaw bone for the purpose of replacing missing or severely damaged teeth. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations for their many diverse applications.

The implant serves as the root of the tooth, and provides a base to be used for constructing and fitting a crown.

What can I expect afterwards?

You can expect a some discomfort post-operation, which can be managed with the used of anti-inflammatory medication and lots of rest. For a few weeks following the surgery, your bone will bond with the implant surfaces through a process called osseointegration, which, with proper care, will eventually result in a permanent and strong adhesion.

For the best long-term result, regular hygiene maintenance is necessary, including brushing, flossing and mouth-rinses along with regular hygiene visits.