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Cosmetic Services

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Anti-Wrinkle Injectables

All the laughter, none of the lines!

Anti-wrinkle injections are usually performed on the dynamic lines around the eyes and forehead, but they can also reduce the lines around the mouth and nose, smooth the chin out, or relax the jawline and neck bands.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a non-invasive treatment used to restore youth and volume to the face.

Fillers are an excellent treatment to restore volume and plumpness to lips, chin, cheeks, the jawline, the area under the eyes, and even the nose. 

Brow Lift

The brow lift is a procedure that corrects a sagging or deeply furrowed brow. It is typically used to minimise the creases (or ‘frown lines’) that appear on the forehead and the bridge of the nose.
The procedure can also have the effect of raising the eyebrows to sit at a more youthful and attentive position.


Facial contouring is a general term for the facial plastic surgeries

Facial contouring  is a way in which you can change the contours of the face as well as making parts of your face smaller and creating emphasis on the areas you want to show off the most. 

Lip Fillers

It's all in the perfect kiss

Lips are a defining feature of your face, so it’s important that they’re well-balanced, symmetrical and have great volume. Lip augmentation is created with lip injections and lip fillers, performed by our team


*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.