Come in for a Botox lip enhancement and get beautiful, youthful and full lips!

The lips are vital to framing a stunning smile, and the youthful aesthetic of luscious, plump lips makes the perfect frame.

How does the treatment work?

We carefully analyse injection points and volumes to produce well-defined lips of a size and shape to meet your request. We make subtle, gradual changes to ensure full control over the size and shape of your lips. If you want more filler further down the line, you’re always welcome to come back for another appointment!

The treatment will:

-          Develop fuller, more shapely lips

-          Define your Cupid’s Bow – the V-shaped dip and the centre of your upper lip

-          Improve a ‘gummy smile’ (where a large amount of your gums show when you smile)

-          Soften lines and wrinkles around your lips

-          Correct downturned corners of the mouth

After treatment

Initially your lips will be slightly swollen. The new shape of your lips won’t be defined until the swelling settles after a few days. Make sure to follow the post-procedure instructions for the best results.

If you experience any unexpected symptoms or side-effects of the treatment, come straight back in to us and we’ll help in any way we can.